Sunday, June 17, 2012

CWBA Practice Session 15th June 2012

My niece, Tasmin, is a member of Coventry Wheelchair Basketball Association and they allowed us to visit their practice session to take some photos.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Peppa Pig World - 13th June 2012

The Jumping Jack was a hitIn the playroom, waiting for the rides to openDaddy Pig's Car RideDaddy Pig's Car RideCar RideTaz loved the car ride
Tilly and TracieJacob having funTaz on the dinosaur rideIn the green space for the picture shootWindy CastleThe Jumping Jack was a hit
Making Dave sick on the teacupsTractor RideTractor RideTractor RideIt was a close race on the waverunnerLily and Auntie Rosie won
Tilly and Tracie came thirdOn the Stinger rollercoasterOn the Ladybird rideOn the Ladybird rideTilly didn't like this rideTerror on Lily's face

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

White Lodge Art Exhibition May 2012

Lily and her Painting (top centre)ReDot Gallery"The Volcano that Explodes" by Madeline"Volcano Goes Everywhere" by Xavier"My Volcanoes" by Lily Button"Exploding Volcano" by Vinay
Vinay, Lukas and MadelineLily drawing RapunzelMs. Yatea with Vinay's parents.One of the teachers with a wall of artworkAlso from the next galleryNot from the kids stuff... (naughty me)
Parents in the foyer of the gallery.