Thursday, May 6, 2010

Objectifs Course – Night Shoot 6th May

Our last guided shoot was at night. We met on the roof of the Esplanade and started shooting – I tried to get a few different style shots. First, some long exposure shots:

River of light

River of light 2

And the Singapore Flyer:


I really liked the dreamy look of the clouds in this shot:

Esplanade - on the roof

You can just about make out the beginnings of star trails in this one:

Cheese Grater

Then it was off across the bridge to Merlion park for some more. This first one is a stepped-zoom shot – the idea is you zoom in on something, then take a 10 second exposure shot of it, but every 2 seconds (or so) you zoom out a little:

Mandarin Oriental

These next two were taken of the bridge we crossed and I love the starburst effect around all the lights (that’s caused by using a small aperture and long exposure, not by cheating and using a filter):

Across the water  Bridge lights

And finally, as we were about to grab a drink from the coffee shop under the bridge, I grabbed this shot – you can see the lights of a boat crossing under the furthest arch of the bridge:

Bridge tunnel

It’s Lily’s birthday tomorrow, so there should be plenty of shots from that!

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