Friday, May 7, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore – 7th May

Today was Lily’s birthday, and as we had flown Kath and James over from Australia for the weekend, we decided to go to Universal Studios Theme Park at Resort World Sentosa.

I took quite a lot of pics, but the best ones are shown below. Tomorrow is her party at the Polliwogs, I imagine I’ll have a few more pics then…

IMG_9653_NR  IMG_9676_NR









Thursday, May 6, 2010

Objectifs Course – Night Shoot 6th May

Our last guided shoot was at night. We met on the roof of the Esplanade and started shooting – I tried to get a few different style shots. First, some long exposure shots:

River of light

River of light 2

And the Singapore Flyer:


I really liked the dreamy look of the clouds in this shot:

Esplanade - on the roof

You can just about make out the beginnings of star trails in this one:

Cheese Grater

Then it was off across the bridge to Merlion park for some more. This first one is a stepped-zoom shot – the idea is you zoom in on something, then take a 10 second exposure shot of it, but every 2 seconds (or so) you zoom out a little:

Mandarin Oriental

These next two were taken of the bridge we crossed and I love the starburst effect around all the lights (that’s caused by using a small aperture and long exposure, not by cheating and using a filter):

Across the water  Bridge lights

And finally, as we were about to grab a drink from the coffee shop under the bridge, I grabbed this shot – you can see the lights of a boat crossing under the furthest arch of the bridge:

Bridge tunnel

It’s Lily’s birthday tomorrow, so there should be plenty of shots from that!