Saturday, April 24, 2010

Objectifs Course – Guided Shoot 24th April

For our next guided shoot, we took a morning trip to Little India. Wendy (my shooting partner) and I decided to have a wander around the markets next to where we were supposed to be shooting, as we thought it would be more interesting. I got a great shot of some fish, showing a really shallow depth of field (I added the vignette later):

IMG_7611  IMG_7613

The shot of the guy smiling would have been much more natural if he hadn’t insisted on mugging for the camera – I was hoping to catch him working, but he wouldn’t stop being a dick…

IMG_7622  IMG_7657

The next shot of the guy skinning a chicken is much more natural. After the market, we headed outside to the street, and Wendy found much to shoot in the shadows and shapes of a small table outside a very colourful building, I snapped a quick shot and then went to shoot the building itself, which I found more interesting:


After we had all got some shots that we liked, we headed down to the Temple on Serangoon Road to get some more shots, this frieze was inside the temple and the lighting was poor, it took a number of tries to get a shot without too much camera shake:


We had looked at some Dave Hill shots in class the previous Thursday, so I processed this one with an emphasis on detail enhancement, and some colour saturation:


This last one was taken just outside the Temple, it shows the outside of the temple (above the entrance):


More to follow when we do out night shoot.

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