Friday, April 23, 2010

Objectifs Course – Guided Shoot 17th April

Last year, I took a basic DSLR course, and that covered most of the basics of camera function and operation – ISO, Shutter, Aperture, Depth of Field, Rule of Thirds etc… However, it didn’t really cover taking photographs, and how to improve your craft.

I met a nice guy and fellow photographer at a wedding recently, and he recommended the film and photography school Objectifs, located at the corner of Arab St and Baghdad St. I recently joined a course on basic photography, conducted by Alvin Tang. Our first shoot was in the area around the school and our objective was to cover the four basic tenets of photography – minimum depth of field, maximum depth of field, slow shutter and fast shutter. Here are my shots:

Fast Shutter:

I took two shots. Alvin suggested that 1/200s was fast enough to qualify as a “fast” shutter, so I took this panning shot of a motorcyclist to illustrate that it’s not really fast enough…

Fast Shutter

Then, I took this shot of a bird at 1/320s and it’s a bit better (I think, anyway):

Fast Shutter 2

Next, the slow shutter – I took this at 1/13s standing in the middle of Victoria St:

Slow Shutter

Next up, we have maximum depth of field – I went at f/22 for this shot to get as much of the detail in the building as I could – I kind of like the result, even though it’s not a “typical” shot to demonstrate max DOF:


Now, for the shallow depth of field, the lens I was using on the day didn’t stop down far enough (for me, anyway) and the best shot I got was this at f/3.5:

Shallow DOF

So, on the day of the next class (yesterday) I got my daughter to model for me and I used my 50mm f/1.8 prime lens to get some razor-sharp depth of field:

Shallow DOF 2

Shallow DOF 3

Our next shoot is on Saturday 24th in Little India, so expect lots of colour and plenty of Indian faces (I hope).

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