Saturday, February 6, 2010

Waitangi Day 2010

Saturday marked New Zealand’s national holiday – Waitangi Day. The New Zealand Chamber of Commerce (NZCC) invited me down to their Waitangi Day celebrations at Brewerkz (at the Indoor Stadium Waterfront) to photograph the event and have a great time with their members. The beer was just awesome (as always at Brewerkz, and the events of the day were great fun too).

The event kicked off at 3pm, and my daughter, Lily, together with some of the other early-arrivals, made a bee-line for the bouncy castle, kindly provided by Shaws.

IMG_4167  IMG_4183


The event had 2 main sponsors, ANZ, who are a main sponsor of NZCC and Allied Pickfords. This was one of Allied Pickfords main events, so their presence was quite conspicuous. They did, however, provide lots of balloons for the kids and a great popcorn wagon:


There were a lot of people present throughout the day, some of whom were from the Te Roopu Kapahaka of Hingapoa group who performed later in the day:

IMG_4216IMG_4277   IMG_4287

IMG_4307   IMG_4310

IMG_4332   IMG_4339


Here we have both the boys and girls from the Te Roopu Kapahaka of Hingapoa group performing traditional Maori songs:

IMG_4367   IMG_4388



The crowd were appreciative:


Then it was time for the men to perform on their own – a proper Haka… “Man’s work” I was informed by an audience member:


IMG_4445   IMG_4447

IMG_4455   IMG_4452

Back to the event, there was much drinking and fun to be had:


And towards the end, the Commissioner’s wife drew the names of the winners of 2 Fisher & Paykel fridges that had been kindly donated as prizes:

IMG_4569   IMG_4581

IMG_4587   IMG_4596

I just love this pic of two of the members of the Te Roopu Kapahaka of Hingapoa group – Father and Son sitting at a table:


And finally, the Commissioner happened to be standing next to the main sponsor for the event, this was too good to be missed so I asked him to take a small step to his left (he very kindly obliged) and I managed to get this shot – I hope the sponsors are pleased:


Another successful shoot, and a fun day out to boot…

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