Thursday, September 30, 2010

Marina Bay Sands

I’ve been terribly lax in updating this blog. I kind of got bogged down in other things and neglected it. I’ll try to post a little more frequently in future, but cannot guarantee I won’t get distracted by something shiny!

Recently, the ANZA Click group went on a little excursion to the newly-built Marina Bay Sands Resort and Hotels to do a little shooting around sunset. Here’s what I got…

IMG_6520  IMG_6538




IMG_6550  IMG_6544

IMG_6549  IMG_6548






Friday, May 7, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore – 7th May

Today was Lily’s birthday, and as we had flown Kath and James over from Australia for the weekend, we decided to go to Universal Studios Theme Park at Resort World Sentosa.

I took quite a lot of pics, but the best ones are shown below. Tomorrow is her party at the Polliwogs, I imagine I’ll have a few more pics then…

IMG_9653_NR  IMG_9676_NR









Thursday, May 6, 2010

Objectifs Course – Night Shoot 6th May

Our last guided shoot was at night. We met on the roof of the Esplanade and started shooting – I tried to get a few different style shots. First, some long exposure shots:

River of light

River of light 2

And the Singapore Flyer:


I really liked the dreamy look of the clouds in this shot:

Esplanade - on the roof

You can just about make out the beginnings of star trails in this one:

Cheese Grater

Then it was off across the bridge to Merlion park for some more. This first one is a stepped-zoom shot – the idea is you zoom in on something, then take a 10 second exposure shot of it, but every 2 seconds (or so) you zoom out a little:

Mandarin Oriental

These next two were taken of the bridge we crossed and I love the starburst effect around all the lights (that’s caused by using a small aperture and long exposure, not by cheating and using a filter):

Across the water  Bridge lights

And finally, as we were about to grab a drink from the coffee shop under the bridge, I grabbed this shot – you can see the lights of a boat crossing under the furthest arch of the bridge:

Bridge tunnel

It’s Lily’s birthday tomorrow, so there should be plenty of shots from that!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Objectifs Course – Guided Shoot 24th April

For our next guided shoot, we took a morning trip to Little India. Wendy (my shooting partner) and I decided to have a wander around the markets next to where we were supposed to be shooting, as we thought it would be more interesting. I got a great shot of some fish, showing a really shallow depth of field (I added the vignette later):

IMG_7611  IMG_7613

The shot of the guy smiling would have been much more natural if he hadn’t insisted on mugging for the camera – I was hoping to catch him working, but he wouldn’t stop being a dick…

IMG_7622  IMG_7657

The next shot of the guy skinning a chicken is much more natural. After the market, we headed outside to the street, and Wendy found much to shoot in the shadows and shapes of a small table outside a very colourful building, I snapped a quick shot and then went to shoot the building itself, which I found more interesting:


After we had all got some shots that we liked, we headed down to the Temple on Serangoon Road to get some more shots, this frieze was inside the temple and the lighting was poor, it took a number of tries to get a shot without too much camera shake:


We had looked at some Dave Hill shots in class the previous Thursday, so I processed this one with an emphasis on detail enhancement, and some colour saturation:


This last one was taken just outside the Temple, it shows the outside of the temple (above the entrance):


More to follow when we do out night shoot.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Objectifs Course – Guided Shoot 17th April

Last year, I took a basic DSLR course, and that covered most of the basics of camera function and operation – ISO, Shutter, Aperture, Depth of Field, Rule of Thirds etc… However, it didn’t really cover taking photographs, and how to improve your craft.

I met a nice guy and fellow photographer at a wedding recently, and he recommended the film and photography school Objectifs, located at the corner of Arab St and Baghdad St. I recently joined a course on basic photography, conducted by Alvin Tang. Our first shoot was in the area around the school and our objective was to cover the four basic tenets of photography – minimum depth of field, maximum depth of field, slow shutter and fast shutter. Here are my shots:

Fast Shutter:

I took two shots. Alvin suggested that 1/200s was fast enough to qualify as a “fast” shutter, so I took this panning shot of a motorcyclist to illustrate that it’s not really fast enough…

Fast Shutter

Then, I took this shot of a bird at 1/320s and it’s a bit better (I think, anyway):

Fast Shutter 2

Next, the slow shutter – I took this at 1/13s standing in the middle of Victoria St:

Slow Shutter

Next up, we have maximum depth of field – I went at f/22 for this shot to get as much of the detail in the building as I could – I kind of like the result, even though it’s not a “typical” shot to demonstrate max DOF:


Now, for the shallow depth of field, the lens I was using on the day didn’t stop down far enough (for me, anyway) and the best shot I got was this at f/3.5:

Shallow DOF

So, on the day of the next class (yesterday) I got my daughter to model for me and I used my 50mm f/1.8 prime lens to get some razor-sharp depth of field:

Shallow DOF 2

Shallow DOF 3

Our next shoot is on Saturday 24th in Little India, so expect lots of colour and plenty of Indian faces (I hope).

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mahasivaratri 2010

I live right next to the Sri Sivan Temple in Geylang. Each year we get a notice from them telling us that they will be celebrating through the night (last year was around Valentine’s Day, as I recall). There’s very little noise, and they do their best to keep the traffic moving despite the thousands of worshippers trying to get into the temple to present their milk pots as offerings.

This year, I decided to take a wander down there to see what all the hubbub was about, and I managed to get a few interesting shots. I was also allowed to shoot inside the temple, something I’ve never done before, so that was exciting too.


IMG_6208-1  IMG_6212-1


IMG_6224-1  IMG_6228-1


IMG_6232-1  IMG_6242-1

IMG_6245-1  IMG_6252-1

IMG_6257-1  IMG_6262-1

IMG_6266-1  IMG_6271-1


IMG_6272-1  IMG_6275-1


IMG_6287-1  IMG_6292-1

IMG_6296-1  IMG_6303-1


IMG_6323-1  IMG_6332-1


IMG_6372-1  IMG_6384-1