Friday, December 4, 2009

Orchard Road – Christmas Lights

After my walk through Chinatown yesterday, I decided I’d take a walk down Orchard Road at night – to get some photos of the Christmas Lights. Singapore is well known for being a bit over-the-top when it comes to Christmas decorations, and I wanted some pics to show when people ask for proof. So, off I set. First, I thought I’d grab a quick picture of the local Sri Sivan Hindu Temple – it’s all lit up at night. I also grabbed a shot of one of the statues outside the Buddhist Monastery:

Sri Sivan Temple  Monastery Statue

Then, I jumped into a Taxi and headed into the city. My plan was to walk from Wheelock Place to Raffles – the full length of Orchard & Bras Basah Roads. So when I got out of my taxi at Scotts Road, I grabbed my first couple of pics, the Tree at ION (which the locals pronounce Eon) and the Santa over the road outside Tangs.

ION Tree  Tangs Santa

Then I crossed the road using the underpass, and after negotiating my way through the maze that is ION, I managed to find my way out to Orchard Road.

Most of the following shots were taken using relatively long exposure times, so much of the traffic is blurry, whilst the lights (in most cases) are pretty sharp. Once on the Street, I started my long walk, these were taken outside Wisma Atria, the first looking down Orchard Road, the second looking back towards Tangs.

Outside Wisma Atria

Lokoking towards Tangs

When I was outside Takashima (Ngee Ann City) I accidentally clicked the shutter release on my camera, I lifted the camera to see what settings it was on (long exposure, low-ish ISO and tiny aperture – f/22) and managed to get this weird shot (you can almost make out the Fendi logo in the bottom right), but I like it, so I decided to keep it and post it here too:


I kept moving, passing Cairnhill Road:

Cairnhill Road

Then at Orchard Station, I crossed over the road, and grabbed this shot looking down Orchard Road on the way, accidentally getting a shot of all the jay-walkers too (but happily, that is one of the few things that you don’t get fined for here):

Crossing at Orchard Station

Then I eventually arrived at Robinsons (after a short break at the Ice Cold Beer bar on Emerald Hill for a quick Asahi to refuel me). The lights outside Robinsons (Centrepoint) are pretty, but the sheer volume of people was what struck me:


Just past OG (the next block along from Robinsons) I looked back up Orchard Road and grabbed this shot:

Outside OG

Then moved on to Orchard Point. Just after it I noticed this little area of a Hawker Centre had put up some nice lights:

Orchard Point

I finally reached the CTE intersection. At first here, I was trying to get a shot without any passing traffic in it, but that proved much too hard, so I lengthened the shutter time (by lowering the ISO and closing the aperture) rested my camera on a railing, and took this picture with the passing traffic all blurry:

CTE Entry

After making my way over to the Istana, I quickly nipped over the road to take this shot from Istana Park, and then back over to grab a shot of the lights outside Plaza Singapura:

Istana Park  Plaza Singapura

Then I headed further down the street, onto Bras Basah Road, which is decidedly un-christmassy:


I liked the look of this statue outside the museum, then moved on towards Chijmes:

 Museum  Chijmes

Finally I reached the lights outside Raffles Hotel and Raffles City (blurry shot here, sorry - no tripod, and almost nothing to stabilise the camera against), and a shot of the interior walkway of Raffles Hotel:

 Glitzy Christmas (Raffles City)  Raffles

A few close-up shots of the gold baubles and the changing colours of the pillar they were attached to:

Raffles City 1  Raffles City 2  Raffles City 3

In Raffles, I met these two ladies who are only in the City for a couple of days at the end of their tour of the region (KL, Penang, Langkawi, Sabah, Singapore). I had a quick drink (or two) with them, answering some questions about where they could go for their last day (suggested Sentosa, via the Cable Car), then I jumped in a Taxi to head home.

 Long Bar 1  Long Bar 2

And finally, here’s a blurry shot of my taxi driver :)

Taxi Home

Another very fun walk.

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