Friday, December 4, 2009

Mrs Veron’s Last Day at White Lodge East Coast

Whilst this may not be a photowalk, it still gets posted here, so I can share it with everyone.

My daughter, Lily, attends the Playgroup class at White Lodge East Coast. It’s an excellent pre-school, catering for kids from 18 months – 5 years (I think). Since starting there early this year, Lily has improved immensely, her language skills are much better (both English and Mandarin!) and she’s much more socially active.

Her teachers, Mrs Veron(ica) and Mrs Maria have been fabulous with her – and seem to have instilled in her a love of learning – she’s disappointed on those days when there is no school (public holidays and the like).

Her favourite teacher (Mrs Veron) finished at the school today, and a few of the parents (me included) contributed to some flowers and a card to thank her for her excellent work. I took my camera to grab a few final shots of her with the kids. Sadly, Robert Owen ran away and played with the Dinosaurs in the main room almost immediately, so I wasn’t able to grab a shot of him with Mrs Veron.

Anyway, enough of my chatter, on to the pics…

Quick kiss for Lily:


Daniel accepted a kiss from Mrs V:


But was NOT happy about the whole affair, burying his head in his mum’s shoulder straight after – much to the amusement of all:


At this point, Riya was just watching, passively:


Nicky refused to look at his mum (who was trying to get a photo of them from just in front of me, to the left) – he kept looking at me (what a good sport):


When it was Riya’s turn, she didn’t look entirely impressed with the whole situation…


But she did, reluctantly, allow Mrs V to give her a parting kiss:


Then Lily went in for a final goodbye photo…


Thanks Mrs Veron for your hard work in helping our Kids. We’ll miss you.

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