Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Geylang Statues


So I decided to have a wander around Geylang again. This time, I wandered down Geylang East Avenue 2 to Geylang East Central, then down to Aljunied Road and back up Sims Avenue to home.

There’s a lot of interest in the area, starting with the Buddhist Monastery on Geylang East Avenue 2. It’s guarded by a couple of fearsome looking statues:


And here are some close-up shots of them. They are very impressive.

Guradian_1  Guardian

Although they are quite imposing, the gate is almost always open, so I guess they are just cosmetic ;)


A couple of doors along from the Monastery is a Temple (Hindu, I think). As I was looking in, a nice gentleman invited me inside. He clearly thought I was a tourist. He showed me where to leave my shoes, and where (and how) to wash my hands and feet before taking me up into the temple. He wasn’t sure whether photography was allowed, and there did not appear to be anyone to ask, so I turned off my camera and watched the ceremony that was taking place.

I’ll return soon and ask an official if photography is permitted, and if it is, I’ll take a bunch of pictures and post them. I did take this of the whole Temple from across the road – it’s 8 pictures stitched together in Photoshop:


Then I wandered along Geylang East Central. Nothing much here, just some kids playing and a lot of HDB, so I just hurried along and got myself to Sims Ave.


Some parts of Sims Ave are extremely cluttered with the walkway barely passable.

Sims Avenue

Whilst others are nice and quiet. This was taken from the crossing at Geylang East Avenue 1.

I then arrived at our local Antique Shop/Gallery – The Tomlinson Collection. They have some lovely statues outside, so I snapped a few shots of some of them:




Then, almost opposite our Condo, there is scaffolding along the buildings there, where some renovation is clearly going on. Much of the low-rise scaffold in Singapore is hand-constructed from wooden poles and plastic binding strips. It made me chuckle to see the “Scaffold Safe for Use” sign attached to such a rickety-looking structure.

Safe for use

And here’s a shot of the entire scaffold (it’s actually a panorama of 4 shots stitched together in Photoshop).


And finally, just opposite our Condo on Geyland East Avenue 2, I noticed this lonely Fire Hydrant. I did a little photoshopping to isolate the Red Hydrant from the drab background.

Fire Hydrant

And that was the end of my little excursion today. More to come when I think of somewhere to go wandering.

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