Monday, October 19, 2009

Walking around Geylang

In an effort to improve my fitness (and hopefully, shake loose some of the flab around my midsection), I've decided to go walking most days. I say "most days" because if I said every day, someone would pull me up on it when I miss a day for whatever reason.

Run-down Shop-Houses
Some run-down shop houses just in front of my condo

As today was the first of these little jaunts, I decided to wander around my home neighbourhood of Geylang. I wandered for about an hour, up to Paya Lebar Road, then along Geyland Road to Aljunied Road, then back home.

Bhuddist Temple Interior
There are many different religions represented in Geylang. This is the interior of one of the Buddhist Temples

I also took some pics along the way, and a few are featured here. The rest can be found in this set on Flickr

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