Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Quays

So today, I decided to venture into the City and take a walk around the Quays (Boat and Clarke). It's an incredible area of the city, always full of tourists, but very close to the financial heart of the city (the bank my Wife works for has a major office close by).

Clarke Quay

There's a lot to do in the area, restaurants and bars are by far the most popular (hence the tourists, I guess).

Boat Quay

It's quite a cultural area too, with the Asian Civilisations Museum sitting opposite Boat Quay


And, of course, no cultural area of Singapore is complete without a statue of Raffles:

Raffles Statue


Karmeleon said...

So cute - I stumbled onto your blog while looking for some descriptions of the statues - forgot to bring my camera and was running after my toddler, and I didn't take all that many pix with my handphone....

And when I read your blog description - hah - so similar. I like to "go walking" to explore when my littlest boy is in school mornings too! He's 3 and turning 4 this year.

Karmeleon said...

But Raffles' Statue this morning had a dirty stain. ;(

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